George Naylor

Farm Owner, Naylor Farm

George Naylor has raised corn and soybeans on his family farm near Churdan, Iowa since 1976, choosing to never raise GMO crops. He graduated from California’s first land-grant university, University of California at Berkeley, and has always been involved in various organizations supporting a family farm system of agriculture.

George is a member of the board of the Center for Food Safety, past president of the National Family Farm Coalition, a former member of the board of the Iowa chapter of the Sierra Club, and is active in Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement.  In 1999, he was a lead plaintiff in a class action lawsuit against Monsanto representing conventional and organic farmers who had never raised GMOs.  He is still opposing the introduction of genetically modified crops by encouraging farmers and food processors to go non-GMO.

George has a passion for agroecological farming, food sovereignty and peasant movement La Via Campesina. George, together with his partner, Patti Edwardson, is transitioning 90 acres to organic, planting an organic cider apple orchard as new projects on the Naylor Farm.